TCU is now Everwise.

A new name. The same commitment to powering your dreams.

Our Purpose

We believe everyone deserves to grow into their dreams.
  • Yes, even us.

    TCU is changing our name to Everwise. But rest easy, that doesn’t mean we’ve been sold or acquired. In fact, we’ve never felt more like ourselves. With an ever-evolving community, it was simply time our brand represents all our members – teachers and beyond.

  • TCU Board of Directors, 1963

    New name.

    Inspired by our educational roots, our new name tells a story of continuous growth. We’re constantly learning, adapting, and finding more ways of helping you achieve your dreams.

  • Same people.

    Our look may be changing, but your service will not. You’ll work with the same team you know and trust, and your relationships will remain as strong as ever.

  • Bigger dreams.

    As we’ve grown to serve more people and businesses throughout the community, our vision has grown as well. We’re now a source of financial confidence for everyone. It’s what turns dreams into plans, and plans into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers Credit Union, and then TCU, served us well for more than 90 years. However, now that we’re a source of strength for people and businesses throughout the community, we need a name that conveys our commitment to serving everyone, no matter their background or profession. While we will always support teachers, the new Everwise name sets us up for continued growth and allows us to better meet the needs of all our members.

No. We’re the same people, now with a bigger purpose. We currently are and will remain 100 percent member owned. If anything, our new brand is meant to reinforce our unshakable commitment to all our members and communities.

Inspired by our educational roots, Everwise tells a bigger, bolder story. We’re always growing, always improving, always finding new ways to help you feel more in control of your money and your future.

All current branding will be updated, starting with our website, banking platforms, social channels, and advertising. These changes will be introduced starting June 26, and throughout summer, our signage and branches will be refreshed, as well.

Beyond having a clearer understanding of who we are and what we stand for – it won’t. The new Everwise brand will not impact your account information, how you access us, the processes you follow, or the level of service we provide. It also by no means suggests we’re abandoning our educational roots. We’re still committed to the entire community, teachers included, just as we always have been.

We will have a new website ( that will fully launch on June 26 featuring our exciting new look and enhanced functionality. Our online and mobile banking will also receive a refresh. And while the inside of our branches will be updated with Everwise branding, your relationships, interactions, and service will remain unchanged.

Please let us know! We’d love to hear from you. As always, you can reach out to us at 800-552-4745. Or better yet – swing by a branch.
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