When we say that it pays to use your Everwise debit card, that's not just using a figure of speech.

Get 0.5% cash back on purchases, plus build up your savings balance by enrolling in our Round-Up Savings program.

Power to spare

Your card is good at millions of places worldwide - not to mention online.

On-call cash

Use your card to access your accounts at thousands of ATMs nationwide.

Track your progress

Digital banking tools make it easy to see where things stand.

Debit cards might not be the flashiest financial tool. Still, nothing matches their convenience and versatility. Take a look at this attention-grabbing, cash-back program. And that's only one of many advantages:

  • Earn 0.5% cash back on non-PIN transactions.*
  • Access more than 700 no-fee ATMs across Indiana and 30,000-plus reduced-fee ATMs nationwide.
  • Make purchases easily with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay via Mobile Wallet.
  • Save effortlessly with Round-Up Savings. Each time you make a purchase with your Debit Mastercard, we'll round up the change and automatically transfer it to your savings.
  • Traveling abroad? Let us know. Simply access online banking or our mobile app, select the Manage Card Tile and Travel Plans and enter the details.
  • Debit cards are available on the spot at many Everwise locations. Visit our locations page and look for "Debit Cards Issued Instantly" under Branch Features.
  • Your financial safety and security are a priority, so we use cutting-edge technology to monitor your card transactions. Learn more about Card Alerts.

How to claim cash rebate

Think about all the things you buy every week. That can add up to lots of money spent — and the potential for plenty of cash back. Here are a couple ways to claim your debit rebate:

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Round up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference from your checking to your savings account. 

Subject to membership requirements. All credit union programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

* Debit Card Rebate
Earn .50% cash back rebate on non-PIN purchases with your Everwise Credit Union Debit Mastercard. Rebate is redeemable once the rebate amount reaches $30 within the calendar year. The maximum rebate per calendar year is $5,000. Eligible purchases do not include ATM transactions or those made using a personal identification number (PIN).

1. Platinum Debit Mastercard Guide to Benefits
2. World Debit Mastercard Guide to Benefits

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