Municipality Solutions

Taxpayers expect responsible money management. We help public officials meet those expectations.

Choose from a variety of affordable services that can streamline cash management, trim costs, boost investment returns, and improve cash flow.

Customized services

We can tailor our cash management tools to meet the needs of your agency, office, or school district.

Personal service

The Business Services team will provide details of our offerings and how they might work for you.

Reasonable fees

We'll help you preserve as much of your budget as possible to focus on your core mission.

Most voters want schools and towns to operate with business-like efficiency. The good news is that our Business Services team can customize commercial cash management services so that they work effectively in the public sector. By coordinating deposits and cash disbursements, Everwise can offer competitive rates of return, low fee structures, and great value to taxpayers.  

  • Deposit processing
  • Remote Deposit Capture to expedite paper check deposits
  • Fedwire Funds Service (real-time funds transfer and settlement system)
  • Account-to-account transfers
  • Direct deposit of employee payroll
  • Account reconciliation services


Subject to Membership Eligibility. Conditions apply. Contact a Business Services Team Member for more information.
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