Skip A Pay

Worried about making your loan payment this month? We’ve got you covered.

Need to free up some cash? It's okay with us if you skip one of your Everwise loan payments once in awhile when funds are tight. Just schedule a skip to give us a heads up.

Low fee

It costs only $25 to skip one of your monthly loan payments.

Simple request

Schedule your skip in online banking or our mobile app.

No negativity

The missed payment won't be held against you on your credit report.

Making a big purchase? Facing unexpected repairs? Dealing with a missed paycheck? There are many reasons why you might be tight on cash some months. For a low $25 fee, you may be able to defer an upcoming loan payment to buy yourself some breathing room.

Skip qualifications

  • Loan must be current
  • Skipped payment must be scheduled at least three days prior to the due date
  • Funds for the fee must be available in your Everwise checking or savings account
  • Only two skips allowed in a rolling 12-month period

Get started

  • Log into online banking
  • Tap the 'Skip-A-Pay' tile
  • Follow the instructions to schedule your skip
Loans excluded: Mortgages, Credit Cards, HELOCs, Commercial Loans/Lines, Unsecured Lines of Credit, loans with balloon payments. Certain restrictions apply. Your skipped payment (including principal and interest) will be added to the end of your original loan term, extending the term by one month for each loan approved.
NOTE: If you have set up loan payments to transfer automatically each month from your Everwise (or other financial institution's) account, you will need to turn off the automatic payment for the month you intend to skip.
If you have any form of voluntary insurance or warranty coverage in connection with the loan on which you seek to skip a payment you should ensure your election to skip does not affect your coverage (examples include but are not limited to: Credit Life, Credit Disability, GAP, Vehicle Warranty in Connection with your loan – not manufacturer or other warranty). Some companies that provide these insurance or warranty services limit the number of extensions on covered loans which may include voluntary skip payments. Such products are provided by third party companies and not the Credit Union so you will need to address any questions to those companies and review your policies / contracts.

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