There's a reason it's called the "great outdoors." Because there's no better way to get your spirits soaring.

Feel the spray. Ride the waves. Hit the trails. Explore America from sea to shining sea. Friendly financing for boats and all types of recreational vehicles makes adventure more affordable than ever.

Low fixed rates

Spend more money on fun and less on finance charges.

Flexible repayment terms

Payments are more affordable when spread out over several years.

Easy application

Apply online, on the phone, or at many dealerships.

Does it have an engine? Wheels, sails, or treads? Can it get your heart racing and help you leave the real world behind? If the answer is yes, then chances are Everwise Credit Union can help you finance it with low rates and attractive terms.

Get out and get going

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Low rates and flexible financing keep monthly payments within your budget.

All loans subject to credit approval and membership requirements. Fees may apply. 

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