Protect My Account

How can I help protect my account?

Protecting your account is easy with our online banking and mobile app tools. You can lock your card, update your PIN, order a new card, set up account specific alerts and more. Here are a few details on what you can do.

  • Use the Manage Cards tile from the Home Screen to:
    • Lock your card - slide the toggle to “locked” just below your card image
    • Update your PIN - use the Update PIN icon to change your PIN instantly
    • Order a new card - use the Replace Card icon and order a replacement card
  • Set up automatic transaction notifications. Access the four-square icon in the upper right of the Home Screen and select Manage Alerts. From there, you can select:
    • Account Balance and Transaction Alerts – know when your balance falls below a specified amount or when a transaction is posts for a specific amount and more.
    • Transfer Alerts - receive notification when a transfer has been scheduled, if a transfer has taken place, a new transfer account has been added, and more!

Remember, many of our locations offer instant-issue debit cards if you prefer to replace your debit card immediately. Visit our locations page to find the branch nearest you.

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