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International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re excited to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary women within our organization and around the globe. Their dedication, innovation, and leadership have been instrumental in shaping our credit union and the communities we serve.

A Legacy of Female Excellence

At Everwise, we take pride in our rich history of female empowerment and achievement, and our credit union's success is deeply rooted in the contributions of countless remarkable women. 

The bedrock of our credit union owes its strength to the incredible women who have been pivotal throughout our organization's history. It all began in 1931, when a small group of teachers facing the struggles of the Great Depression banded together to create a credit union. At the helm of this initiative was a woman named Alice Craft, a local elementary school teacher and the very first member of what would become Everwise.

As a result of their hard work, the group was granted its state charter and six of the eight charter signers were women, foreshadowing the incredible impact that women would have on our credit union over the next 90+ years. A powerful precedent was set for female leadership, and a foundation was laid for a legacy of female empowerment.

The Female Forces Behind Everwise

Today, women at Everwise are not just a considerable part of the workforce; they are shaping the organization's future with their insight and leadership. They hold key positions at all levels, driving initiatives that foster a more equitable workplace, spearhead innovative financial products, and nurture a culture of mentorship and growth. 

Their perspectives enrich decision-making processes and guide the strategic direction of Everwise, ensuring that it remains responsive to the diverse needs of our members while championing gender equality and empowerment internally. Through their efforts, Everwise continues to evolve as a forward-thinking, strong, and inclusive credit union that sets a benchmark for excellence in the financial industry.

International Womens Day Infographic: Four ways women are shaping our credit union


Celebrating the Women of Everwise

The role of women was truly fundamental to Everwise’s humble beginnings and has continued to be a driving force in the success of our organization nearly a century later. In the spirit of International Women's Day, we applaud the phenomenal and awe-inspiring women of Everwise, whose enthusiasm and leadership inspire growth and foster advancement throughout our credit union and beyond.

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