Asset Verification

You are one step closer to your next home.

You need to verify your assets to move forward with your mortgage application. Review the steps in this guide to see how to verify your assets through our third party verification service. 

Are you verifying your assets from mobile or from email?


From mobile device:

1. Click on the link in the text. 


2. Enter the last 4 of your social security number. 


3. Review the terms and agree to proceed. 


4. Click "Let's do this."


5. Search for the name of your financial institution. 


6. Enter your username and password to your online banking account > submit. 


7. Your account will be contacted and verified. 



8. Choose the accounts you want to share information on.




From an email account: 


1. Click the get started button.


Then follow steps 2-8 above. 



Routing Number | 271291826