Joshua Lloyd

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Joshua Lloyd

Contact Information

Joshua Lloyd
Phone: (317) 755-7652 (cell)
Email: [email protected]

Let Josh's experience work for your business.

For the last quarter century, Josh Lloyd has been a positive force for both members and employees. During his tenure, Josh has prided himself on being a dedicated ally and mentor to his teams, as well as a true servant to our members, helping businesses achieve their financial goals in Central Indiana and beyond.

Josh has fueled his passion for helping people as a Consumer Lender, Mortgage Lender, Branch Manager, Area Manager, and Small Business Lender. In addition to his service to members, Josh is an active member of his community supporting local organizations like the Far Eastside Community Center (CAFE) and the local Education Foundation in both volunteer and board leadership roles. Josh is an active participant in the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, OneZone Chamber of Commerce, and Indianapolis Downtown Rotary Club. He supports his members with enthusiasm and excitement to create connections that effectively help people and businesses collaborate and grow. See how Josh can help you or your business today!

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