It's great to get a check. It's even better when you can deposit it without an extra trip.

We all love snapping photos with our smartphone camera. With just two more clicks — and another step or two — you can fast-track checks into your Everwise accounts.

From near and far

Deposit checks from anywhere you have wi-fi access.

Quick confirmation

You'll get a return message letting you know we've received your money. 

Fast access to funds

In most cases, your deposits will be available the next business day.

Whether it's payment from the boss, a customer, or a friend who owes you a few bucks, it takes minimal effort to deposit a check with our free mobile app.  On the back of the check, just endorse it as you normally would and below your signature write: "For mobile deposit with Everwise." Click photos of the front and back. Then follow the simple directions within the Deposit a Check tile in our mobile app to send it.

  • Save yourself frequent trips to the credit union branch or an ATM
  • Works with most personal, business, and government checks
  • Money Orders and international checks are not eligible
  • Security measures safeguard your financial and personal data

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