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Teachers Credit Union is Now Everwise Credit Union

Teachers Credit Union (TCU), the largest credit union in Indiana, today officially transitioned to Everwise Credit Union. The new name, brand, logo, and tagline better reflects the credit union’s mission to empower and serve all people and grow beyond its original educator roots. The Everwise name builds on that people-first foundation and sets the credit union up for continued growth and opportunities.

“As we enter this new chapter in our history, we’re thrilled by this opportunity to redefine not only our identity but also our vision as a credit union,” said Jason M. Osterhage, President and Chief Executive Officer of Everwise. “Our commitment to our members has always come first, and the Everwise identity reflects our dedication to evolving and innovating alongside them to inspire the confidence they need to achieve their financial goals.”

The change in brand does not reflect a change in ownership. Everwise remains 100 percent member owned and headquartered in South Bend. With more than 300,000 members and 50 branches throughout Indiana and southwest Michigan, Everwise has always made its mission to support people as they achieve their financial dreams.

Routing Number | 271291826