Individual Retirement Accounts

Think of it as the next chapter of your life. With good planning, you can write your own story.

The key to making the most of your retirement? Start saving as early as possible and grow your nest egg with tax-advantaged IRAs.

Time works for you

Years and years of contributions and earnings can leave you with an impressive total.

Tax advantages

Qualify for potential annual deductions or benefit from tax-free withdrawals.

Two good options

Schedule automatic deposits into a savings account or take advantage of higher earning certificates.

It's coming. Someday, you'll say goodbye to the daily grind and leave the working world behind. There will be tons of free time — and the freedom to retool your life. And because you made the smart decision to open a Traditional or Roth IRA, you'll have the resources to travel far, putter around the home, or do whatever feels right.

More green for your golden years

  • Contribute up to $6,500 annually ($7,500 if over age 50)
  • With Traditional IRAs, annual contributions are often tax-deferred, and funds grow tax-deferred
  • With Roth IRAs, contributions are taxed up-front, funds grow tax-free and there are no taxes on qualified distributions
  • With IRA Savings accounts, you can set up automatic deposits of $25 or more each month, and earn dividends on your balance
  • With IRA Certificates, you choose one of several investment terms and earn dividends with a higher dividends rate

Our experienced professionals can offer more details of both types of IRAs.

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