Premium Money Market

Charting a secure saving strategy can be a challenge. Here's a smart solution.

Despite the fancy name, a Money Market is really pretty simple. You get higher dividends than the typical savings account while keeping immediate access to your funds.

No commitments

Unlike other wealth-building tools, Money Markets funds aren't tied up for months or years on end.

Tiers of joy

Our rate structure gives bigger balances added earning potential.

Technical assistance

Use online banking or our mobile app to manage your account.

Some financial markets are like ships rocking up and down on stormy seas. That's why you should consider an account known for smooth sailing. With Premium Money Markets, your deposits always move steadily in the right direction. Plus, our tiered rate structure means that bigger deposits can earn even better returns.

  • Earn higher rates.
  • Access your money at Everwise branches, ATMs, and through online banking and our mobile app.
  • Open a World Checking Account and receive an even higher dividend rate.
  • Step up your savings by scheduling automatic online banking transfers from your checking to your Premium Money Market.

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Round up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference from your checking to your savings account.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Subject to membership requirements. All credit union programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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