The future may be unpredictable. But one thing's for certain: A smart savings plan can help you deal with life's ups and downs.

Actually, two things are for certain. Once you secure your Everwise membership, you'll get plenty of friendly help keeping your finances on sure footing.

Build your balance

Regular deposits and dividend payments can keep things headed in a positive direction.

Keep a close eye

Digital banking tools help you monitor progress toward your goals.

Open more doors

After you have a Primary Savings Account, you can apply for a loan, open a checking account and much more.

Just $5. That's all you have to deposit in your Primary Savings Account to become an Everwise member and begin enjoying a wide range of first-rate financial services. That same five bucks can also be the beginning of a savings journey that helps you build security, chase down dreams, and do great things for your family.

This is how good things get started

  • Earn dividends on deposits
  • Access your funds at ATMs or any of our 50+ convenient locations
  • Opening a Primary Savings Account establishes you as a Everwise part-owner and enables you to vote for credit union leaders
  • Your membership also gives you access to low-cost loans, high-value deposit accounts and many other services

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Round up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference from your checking to your savings account. 

Subject to membership eligibility requirements and a $7 membership fee and $5 initial share savings deposit.

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Simplify money management with flexible checking features that fit your lifestyle.

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